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Grass-roots Politics for Another Oulu


OulUtopia is a network bringing together autonomous political activities and projects in Oulu. Our goal is a society based on imagination, self-reliance, cooperation and mutual aid. It is a society in line with the needs and interests of all people – not with corporations bringing profit to a powerful elite. It is also a society that puts an end to the destruction of the environment and creates a healthier relationship between humanity and nature.

In contrast to the current, pseudo-democratic parliamentary system, we envision a direct democratic society where everyone has an equal say over public affairs, where everyone is treated as equals and free from oppression, whether it is political, economic or based on ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.

As we see it, fundamental social change has to emerge from below. In Oulu, we want to stir up discussion and action at the grassroots level rather than look for influence and acceptance among the people in power today.

Together we can make utopia possible! By sharing experiences, knowledges and skills we want to develop a culture of resistance and autonomous politics in Oulu. We organize study groups, movie-screenings, demonstrations and much more. We also conduct urban farming. After all, this is just the beginning!

Make contact through the contact form or send us an email: oulutopia@gmail.com

You find us also on Facebook!

Many of the posts on this site are written both in Finnish and English. It usually says [In English below] at the beginning of a post. Just scroll down!

At the moment we have a number of different projects:

Most scheduled activities take place at Tukikohta (Sorvarintie 5, in Välivainio).

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